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Excellence on seafoods 

Terra Austral South America LLC  is a premier seafood trading company based in Miami with a vast experience and knowledge in the Chilean seafood industry.


We are importer and distributors of Chilean Mussels, Rock Crab, Atlantic Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Swordfish, Centollon (Deep Sea Crab), Wild Abalones (Locos) among others.


As part of our strategy and going forward into the future, we are building strong business relationships with all key players in the seafood supply chain.


The management team has more than two decades of experience in the seafood industry, marketing, processing, quality control, aquaculture, logistics and finance. 


Strategy & Partnership

Terra Austral South America LLC management has been able to develop the US market in a stable and strong manner. Given the company access to all major producers and signed long term agreements.

Having strategic partnerships with producers, give us the opportunity and capacity to supply our customers with programs in record time, always counting on high quality products and quantity need it.

Terra Austral South America LLC

8600 NW S. River Dr. Suite 240

Miami, FL 33166


+1(786) 801-3538

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Gustavo Cersocimo

Procurement and Managment
Pedro Veganzones


General Sales
Max Veganzones

Local Sales
Miguel Sacco


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