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Mytilus Chilensis

Origin: Chile
Farm Raised


           Mussel Meat 

    Mussel Meat IQF

Mussel meat have a great texture and a uniform yellow color.

Chilean mussels harvest period  goes from late November till early December. Sizes are: 100/200 , 200/300, 300/500 and 500-up units per kilo.

The Chilean mussel industry is the second largest in the world after Spain.


       Half Shell Mussel IQF

Chilean Half Shell Mussel

Half shell mussels are one of the most popular products, easy to prepare and be serve. Sizes are 40/60 and 60/80 units per kilo. It comes in bulk IQF bags or retail bags. Half shell usually covers 80% of the shell and is mostly catched in the pick of the season.

Whole Mussel Box.jpg

        Whole Shell Mussel 

  Whole Shell Mussel IVP

Whole shell mussels are used in almost all type of dishes, spanish, italian, soups appetizer, etc

High nutritional value, excellent source of protein.

Sizes are 23-29 or 27-35 units per lb.

Packed in 10 x 1 lb  or 5 x 2 lb IVP, depending our client needs.

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