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Salmon Salar

Origin: Chile
Color: 24+


Frozen Salmon

Fresh Salmon


        Salmon Fillet 

Frozen Salmon Fillet

Chilean farmed salmon comes from the coldest waters of the pacific ocean. One of our farms supplier  is located near the Antartic, having the highest sanitary level because the cold Antarctic currents.

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       Salmon Portion 

    Salmon Portions 

Salmon portions skin on or skin less; Sizes 4, 6 & 8 oz.

We offer you small quantities or FCL from Chile for retail or food service, as well as private label of 10 lbs master case and  retail bags. 

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        Smoked Salmon 

     Smoked Salmon 

Our smoked salmon is elaborated in process plants with BRC , HACCP and BAP.

We offer you small quantities or FCL from Chile for retail or food service.

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            Fresh Salmon 

   HON/FILLET  Fresh Salmon 

With our vast logistic experience in the fresh salmon, we can offer you to have the fresh product in your premises in an average of four to five days after harvested  from the southern waters of Chile.

The average shelf life is between fourteen to twenty one days.

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